Applebox Belles:
The Women of Lake Country’s Packinghouses

Applebox Belles presents the stories of the pioneers, the Summer Girls, and the champion Apple Wrapper Flappers of Lake Country’s early apple packing industry. These determined women quickly became the workforce of the packinghouses, sorting, wrapping, packing, and stamping, and they transformed a routine job into a highly skilled profession for half a century until technological changes altered their roles. Meet the belles through their personal reminiscences, stories and photographs, and discover their legacy in this compelling exhibition by the Lake Country Museum and Archives.

The Lake Country Museum created a virtual exhibit on the incredible Applebox Belles funded in part by the Virtual Museum of Canada through its Community Memories Investment Program. You can enjoy the exhibit by visiting the Lake Country Museum site at the Virtual Museum of Canada.

the Japanese Canadian Pioneers of lake country, bc. 1899-1939

This is a story about courage — a look at the lives of the Japanese Canadian pioneers, who, from 1899 through the 1930s, were some of the first settlers in the District of Lake Country.

The Japanese Canadian Pioneers of Lake Country is an extensive addition to the Archives of the Lake Country Museum. It is a virtual exhibition published online in the Canadian Heritage and Information Network‘s (CHIN) Community Memories online gallery.

The material contained in this virtual exhibit — photographs, videos, interviews, documentation — portrays the arrival, experiences, hardships, and above all, the quiet dignity and perseverance with which the Japanese Canadians met the challenges of this new land of Canada.

The stories are told by their children and grandchildren, and through their personal collections as well as the collections of the Lake Country Museum and Archives.