The Lake Country Museum holds a large collection of interesting and unique artifacts. Over the next few months we will pose challenges to the community in our ‘Guess the Artifact’ Contest, with a distinctive object chosen for each week and displayed on our Facebook page and our Blog.

Although Artifact #1 has still not been correctly identified the Museum staff is displaying Artifact #2. 

Artifact #2 -- Guess the Artifact Contest

Artifact #2 -- Can you identify this artifact?

The mystery object is something that was quite popular during the 20th century – that is until moving image productions took its place. Artifact #2 is on display in the Anne Land Room of the Lake Country Museum.

You can participate in this Contest in a number of ways. One way to participate is to visit the Museum any day between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. over the summer for a closer look and to inform of us of your guess. Alternatively, leave your comment below on this Blog, visit our Facebook page and leave a comment with your thoughts, or leave a comment on our Contact page, using Contest in the Subject line. The contest for this artifact will continue until August 12th.

A correct answer should include both the name of the artifact and its primary purpose. The answer will be published on our Facebook page along with the winner’s name. The winner will receive a copy of The Spirit of Lake Country, an in-house publication written by several local residents and historians.