Congratulations to all the graduates of George Elliot Secondary School in Lake Country!

As parents and grandparents ready themselves to attend graduation ceremonies tonight many will reflect on memories of their own high school graduation.

Richard Gibbons, past-president of the Lake Country Museum, did just that in his Backward Glances article on Graduation.

George Elliot's graduation class of 1962

Front row L-R: Faye Stowe, Sherry Hayward, Eleanor Brixton, Laurie Arnold, Marlene Tetz, Graham Dickie, Margaret Berry, Cheryl Hitchman, Karen Norgaard. Back row L-R: Toby Redecopp, Garry Wheeler, David McCoubrey, Milton Eby, Werner Forster, Richard Gibbons, Roland Hein, Harold Swanson, Alan Pothecary, Jim Moody.

2012 is the 50th anniversary of the graduation class of 1962 and a CLASS REUNION has been planned for June 23rd. For more information on this reunion please contact Richard Gibbons at  or Faye Stowe at