This Day in History: SS Sicamous launched in Okanagan Landing

SS Sicamous 1914

“Towering over a proud shipyard crew and some family members, the Sicamous is nearly ready for its launching at the Okanagan Landing shipyard on May 19, 1914.”

“Okanagan Landing, just five miles (eight km) southwest of Vernon, developed into a bustling community as the interchange point between the steamers and the S&O Railway. As traffic expanded with the growth in population in the valley, the rail yards were enlarged, facilities built for icing refrigerator cars, and a transfer slip for railcar barges was constructed.”

A valley-wide celebration of the launching of the SS Sicamous is planned for 18 months. Visit the Steamfest website for information about events and dates.

Photo source: Charles Verey Collection. Cited in Robert D. Turner. The Sicamous & the Naramata. Steamboat Days in the Okanagan. Victoria, BC: SonoNis Press, 1995. p. 26.

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