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Field Guide

The field guide (190 pages) has been prepared to help naturalists, hikers, campers, and botanists recognize some of the numerous wildflowers seen on the trails, back roads, and parks in the south-central Pacific Northwest.

The field guide covers a region broadly known as the Southern Interior). It stretches from the Cascade Mountains in the west to the Alberta border in the east; from the Trans-Canada Highway in the north to roughly the 45th parallel (through Washington, Idaho, and Montana) in the south. Within this region a myriad of wildflowers colour the meadows, hillsides, and woodlands.

The field guide describes 335 species, each with an accompanying colour photograph for quick and easy identification. The wildflowers identified and described include: (a) the most showy, familiar or common plants encountered in the region; (b) alien and “weedy” plants that have become well established in the area. The enthusiast is thus provided with the knowledge to identify a wide range of flowers and to note where man has changed the look of the wilderness landscape. Included in the flowering plants are a few smaller flowering shrubs. Trees, ferns, grasses, horsetails, sedges, and rushes have not been described